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Why Choose Scotts Tree Service?
  1. We have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff to help evaluate your property for all of your tree health & safety concerns


  2. We are geared to handle any size job from the smallest of fine pruning to clearing the way for a new development of houses. No job is too small or large.


  3. The combination of our highly trained personnel, top notch equipment, excellent customer service, and best prices in the industry have made Scotts Tree Service one of the premier tree companies in the area.




Services: Columbus Tree Trimming, Columbus Tree Removal, Columbus Tree
Services, Columbus Tree Care,
 Stump Removal, Hazard Assessment, Lot/land
Clearing, Lewis Center
Areas: Columbus, Dublin, Delaware, Franklin County, Delaware County, Madison
County, Westerville, Hilliard, Upper Arlington




What you should know when hiring a tree service

What are the top 10 things you should know before hiring a tree care company?

1.  Only use companies that have a ISA Certified Arborist on staff. They are familiar with common diseases and can diagnose and care for your tree correctly.

2.  Also, some companies will have a Certified Arborist that will BID your project, but there will NOT be one on site to ensure that the work is completed properly and some companies may subcontract out the work that you contract with them.  We always bid AND complete your tree care needs with our crews. 

3.  Only hire companies that are insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation to protect the property owner as well as the company employees from the unexpected.  A company should ALWAYS be willing and eager to provide this information to potential customers.  If they act too busy or inconvenienced, that should be a warning sign.  Certificates should be made available within 2 business days or less.  We recommend limits of no less than $1 million.  At Scottscape Tree, we exceed that minimum limit and carry no less than $2 million.

4.  It is recommended to get to do your research on a company before calling them such as checking with the better business bureau to see there rating and if they have any complaints. There is no need for more.  Keep in mind that companies expend monitary resouces to provide you with a FREE estimate. Do your research first rather than opening the phone book and simply calling numbers until someone calls you back. 

5.  Some companies will only return calls when they have a need for work.  When you call Scottscape Tree, your call will be returned within 1 business day if not sooner.  When you are getting estimates, be clear with the company of what your expectations are so they can meet your needs for the best possible cost. 

Keep in mind the following:
*  Is price your top concern?
*  Would you be willing to sustain more yard damage to get the job done faster...thus for less money?

6.  When getting multiple bids, be sure you are comparing "apples to apples".  Ask your Certified Arborist:
*  How will the company take down my trees?  
*  Will you use a crane to remove the tree? 

*  How much/ if any impact will my landscape sustain?
*  Is there a less expensive option?
*  How long will it take to complete my work?
*  When do you expect to start the work?

7. Will you be using a bucket truck to trim or remove my tree? Some companies do high risk jobs on dangerous trees that aren't safe enough to be climbed because of the trees condition and health risking there lives when there is a more safe way of doing it and sometimes the more safe way is less expensive.

8.  Different arborist may see different ways to complete your work.  Understand that price can very drastically by technique/time spent.  Quick-and-dirty can be cheaper but may not be what you are looking for.  Our first choice/method when giving you a bid at Scottscape is NOT quick-and-dirty.  But we will be willing to make cost saving adjustments to provide you with the best service possible, based upon your goals.  
9.  Be willing to PAY a Certified Arborist for consultation services. This is different than a free estimate. You will gain a great deal of education from a an expert towards the long-term care of your entire landscape.  But, if you are willing to compensate them for their time, you can feel more comfortable knowing you are getting an unbiased/objective opinion....not someone trying to generate work for themselves!  Often arborists will offer a site visit fee that can be applied to any services that might be necessary from the visit.  Simply put, don't expect FREE consultation from some of the most educated professionals in the industry. 

10.  Last, but certainly not least, select a company with a long history of customer satisfaction that values your property and landscape.  Don't be afraid to ask for referrals research them. We are a proud member of Angies List and the Better Business Bureau. A good company should want you as a customer for life as well as your word of mouth advertising! 



If you think we could be the company for you, take a moment to email us the necessary information so we can assist you further.