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  1. We have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff to help evaluate your property for all of your tree health & safety concerns


  2. We are geared to handle any size job from the smallest of fine pruning to clearing the way for a new development of houses. No job is too small or large.


  3. The combination of our highly trained personnel, top notch equipment, excellent customer service, and best prices in the industry have made Scotts Tree Service one of the premier tree companies in the area.




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Tree Services in Delaware, OH

Our Tree Services

Our tree services include a host of different services, all performed with you and the natural, healthy growth and conservation of the trees on your property in mind. We are professionally trained and experienced in all facets of tree maintenance. Our services include: tree trimming, threat assessment, tree removal, stump extraction, reclaiming overgrown areas, property clearing.

Tree Trimming

This is often considered to be the most important tree maintenance service. Because of weather, insects and other forces including disease, trees sometimes develop erratic, unhealthy growth patterns. Tree trimming is necessary to ensure that your trees grow properly and healthily. In other circumstances, tree branches may become unwieldy, growing in such a way that they threaten your home or power lines. These and other situations require attention before the tree becomes damaged or damages your property; our tree trimming services near Delaware, OH offer safe solutions to those and other issues.

Threat Assessment

Our reliable, professional tree service experts will come to your property and provide you with an assessment of any threats to your trees or to your property by encroaching or unhealthy tree growth. We can determine whether your trees are diseased, infested, in any danger of being damaged, or becoming a threat to your home and property. We will also provide you with our professional opinion on what is the best solution for you. Trees are an important part of the landscape and the health of your property; we will help you keep them safe and healthy.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree simply needs to be removed; it is diseased, dying, dead, a threat to your home, or an encumbrance to an important project. When it is determined that the removal of a tree will best serve the interest of the property owner, landlords and even other tree service companies call our tree removal services near Delaware, Ohio. We are recognized as a premiere tree removal service in the region because we have the expertise, the professionalism and the necessary equipment to handle any and all tree removal issues. We also provide 24 hour emergency service.

Stump Extraction

Occasionally, a tree has been removed or died and fallen, but the stump is still there. Leaving it there could attract termites or other pests. It may also be a safety hazard for your family and guests. Or, the landlord wishes to expand the usable land and that stump is too big to remove. That's where our stump removal services come in to efficiently, completely extricate the stump and render its root system terminated. It's a simple process for us to grind it into fine, useful chips.

Reclaiming Overgrown Areas

If an area of lawn hasn't been mowed for an extended period of time and trees have grown in, they will have to be removed to reclaim that area for aesthetics, entertaining, farming or construction. Our tree service experts can come in and clear that land. We will remove or shred anything that hinders your ability to reclaim that land for your intended usage.

Property Clearing

If you're looking to clear large areas, our professional crews, using our state-of-the-art equipment, are able to do the job no matter how big the job is. Whether you need one or 100 acres cleared, our tree clearing service professionals are ready to work with your developer, contractor and engineers.