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Tree Service in Westerville Ohio

As gorgeous as trees make your property look, they have to be regularly maintained in order to keep your property both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Trees that are overgrown can cause the property to look unkempt. Keeping your trees trimmed will help give the exterior of your home a cleaner look, which will help to improve the home's curb appeal, an important factor if you ever decide to sell your home. Curb appeal refers to the visual appeal of both the exterior of your home as well as the landscape around it. High curb appeal helps to attract potential buyers. In addition to the aesthetic of your home, maintaining your trees is also important to the safety of you and your home as well. In order to properly care for your trees, it's recommended that you contact Scottscape Tree Service near Westerville,OH, as they will be able to provide experienced professional with the equipment necessary for such a task. Tree Services in Westerville, OH

One of the most important services that you can obtain for your property is a hazard assessment of your property's trees. A hazard assessment will help determine what trees need to be trimmed or completely removed based on the threat that they pose. If a tree has broken branches that are still partially attached, they can simply be removed in order to remove the threat of injuring anyone below or damaging property. Trees that are located too close to structures on your property, such as your house, or to nearby power lines, can pose a danger as well and may have to be trimmed back or even removed. Your trees will also be inspected for potential decay, rot and root structure damage.

Tree Trimming Westerville, OH

As previously stated, any branches that are broken yet still attached as well as dying, dead, diseased or crowded should be removed for safety purposes. You can have many of your trees trimmed for aesthetic purposes as well. Any trees that need to be reduced in height, spread or size can be pruned in a process known as crown reduction. If the branches of nearby trees are so dense that they are blocking sunlight from your property, you can have a process known as crown thinning performed, in which certain branches will be removed to allow more sunlight and airflow through the tree's crown. Any low hanging branches that are blocking your home's view, or are in the way of any pedestrians, vehicles or buildings, can be cut down in order to elevate the tree's canopy.

Tree Removal Westerville, OH

Certain trees on your property may have to be completely removed for safety purposes. This can be the case if a tree is too close to your house or to a nearby power line, or if you simply have too many trees crowded in one spot. Trees that are dead or dying should be removed as well since they are more prone to collapsing under stress than live trees. Additionally, any trees found to have disease should be removed to prevent the disease from spreading. You may also want to remove certain trees if you are planning construction and need the space, or if you would simply like to replace it with another species of tree. Tree services in Westerville,OH will also be able to remove any stumps, which can be a visual eyesores as well as a tripping hazard.

In addition to hazard assessment, trimming and removal of your property's trees, you can often have your landscape tidied up or even completely cleared as well.